Get Home Watch Prepared for Seniors & Snowbirds

In preparation for the upcoming senior and snowbird season, mastering home watch services is crucial to looking for obvious issues and ensuring the safety and security of unoccupied properties. Cyrus, a leading provider of home watch solutions, offers services designed to give homeowners peace of mind. Consider home watch as how the confidence level of the property will be meticulously monitored and cared for throughout the off-season, mitigating potential risks and ensuring a smooth return upon arrival.

About National Home Watch Association ( NHWA ):

The National Home Watch Association (NHWA) is a well-established association that offers a Certified Home Watch Professional (CHWP) designation. Home watch is a service where a company checks on vacant homes or properties, typically those owned by seasonal residents.

Here are some critical points about Home Watch Associations. Purpose: They aim to professionalize the industry by setting standards, best practices, and a code of ethics. This helps ensure that homeowners are hiring reputable companies with qualified staff.

Benefits for homeowners:

By using a Home Watch Association member company, homeowners can have more confidence that they are hiring an insured and bonded company that will provide reliable service.Associations can provide training and resources for home watch businesses and help them connect with potential clients.Home watch is a valuable service for anyone who spends extended periods away from their property. It offers security, helps prevent problems, and gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time away without worry.'

The Snowbird Lifestyle

For many retirees, the allure of escaping the clutches of winter holds a powerful charm. Enter the "snowbirds" – a generation of seniors, typically baby boomers, who trade in snow shovels for swimsuits during the colder months. Seasonal Migration - Snowbirds are like their namesake – birds that migrate south for the winter. These retirees typically have established residences in colder regions, but they pack up and head to warmer, sunnier climates during the winter. Popular snowbird destinations include Florida, Arizona, California, and even parts of Mexico or further south.

Benefits of the Snowbird Lifestyle:

There are several reasons why the snowbird lifestyle appeals to seniors: Escape the Harsh Winter: Avoiding the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures offers a significant health benefit for seniors. This can help with conditions like arthritis and improve overall well-being.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle: Warmer climates allow seniors to stay active outdoors year-round. This could involve walking, hiking, swimming, or socializing with fellow snowbirds. Social Connection: Many snowbird destinations have thriving communities geared explicitly towards retirees. This allows seniors to connect with others who share similar interests and experiences, reducing feelings of isolation.

Financial Advantages:

Depending on the location, property taxes and the overall cost of living might be lower in some snowbird destinations compared to their primary residences. Evolution of the Snowbird—The snowbird lifestyle is no longer just about shuffleboard and early bird specials. Today's generation of snowbirds is more active, adventurous, and tech-savvy. They explore new destinations beyond the traditional snowbird havens, seeking experiences and cultural immersion.

The snowbird lifestyle is only for some. Here are some things to consider: Logistics: Packing, travelling, and setting up a temporary residence can be demanding. Financial Planning: Maintaining two residences can add to the overall cost of living. Healthcare: Seniors must ensure access to appropriate healthcare services in their snowbird destination.

Overall, the snowbird lifestyle offers a compelling option for retirees seeking to escape the winter blues and embrace a more active social life. However, careful planning and consideration are essential before taking flight.

Peace of Mind When On Home Vacant

Leaving a home vacant for a weekend trip or a seasonal migration can cause unease. Clients worry about break-ins, problems like burst pipes or malfunctioning appliances, or even the general well-being of empty property concierge. This is where home watch services come in—offering a watchful eye and helping ensure the home stays safe and sound while vacant.

Here's how Cyrus can provide peace of mind and practical benefits. Security and Deterrence: A visible presence deters potential trespassers. Regular visits by a home watch professional create the impression that the property is occupied, reducing the risk of break-ins.

Early Problem Detection: Home watch professionals are trained to spot potential issues like water leaks, pest infestations, or malfunctioning HVAC systems. Early detection, like visual inspection of a home, can prevent minor problems from turning into major disasters, saving more money and hassle on repairs.

Storm Preparedness: If you're away during severe weather, a home watch service can inspect your property, looking for obvious issues and take preventative measures if necessary. This could involve bringing in outdoor furniture, securing loose objects, or even coordinating with contractors for emergency repairs.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your home is being looked after allows you to relax and enjoy your time away without constant worry. Additional Services: Many home watch companies offer additional services beyond basic checks. This could include collecting mail and newspapers, watering plants, property watching, or even preparing your home for your return by opening windows and adjusting the thermostat.

Get To Know Cyrus The 'Snowbirdswatchdog'!

Cyrus has the nickname "Snowbirdswatchdog." He has a post-secondary education in Permaculture Design and owns a landscaping company. He is a member of the National Home Watch Association and the Canadian Snow Board Association. For the past 13 years, he has operated Cyrus Landscaping, which helps Calgary and Airdrie residents with regular property maintenance and garden care visits. He covers the Greater Calgary Areas, including Airdrie and Balzac.As a landscape contractor, his business prompted him (Cyrus) to join NHWA to help Canadian snowbirds and seniors with regular home visits and ensure smooth operation.

Service areas: Calgary, Balzac and Airdrie.

Be Prepared!

By preparing now and partnering with a home watch service like Cyrus, you can ensure your property is safe and sound throughout the senior and snowbird season. With peace of mind and a watchful eye on your home, you can focus on enjoying your time away without worry.